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One platform for al software integrations, API Management and custom connections between platforms

Business processes more easier and efficient by implementing critical integrations between platforms. Connecting applications and devices together has never been so easy. With our MultiConnector you can perform your integration without technical knowledge. EYSISOFT MultiConnector is currently the most powerful connector on the market.

Easily Create Incoming API connections

  • Select pre-built connection or create a new one

    Easily connect to your platform in minutes
  • Create mappings by drag and drop

    Easily link fields by simply dragging the field
  • Create a DataTable and save data

    DataTable can be stored on your own server
  • Create Incoming API Point

    Also incoming API traffic can be easily processed
  • Android, IOS, Windows Apps

    Verbind uw Apps met uw bussenis en zorg voor stabiliteit

Use Prebuilt Connections

Give your project a boost by using prebuilt connections. No custom development required, use the standard

Combine connections in one activity

Use multiple connections in one activity and make your integration efficient and save costs.

Create custom connections

Platform connection not listed? Then you can always create a custom connection by simply choosing the right protocol

Clear Overview with Activitys

By using activities that can contain multiple actions, you have a better overview of your integration.

Activity Bulk Manager

Manage multiple activities at once. This saves you a lot of time in managing your integration

Reuse existing activities

By duplicating activities, you can easily perform A / B testing. All underlying actions are also published

Multiple Actions

Create multiple actions within activities. An action retrieves data or sends it to the preset connection

Prebuilt Actions

Save money and time by using preset actions. Almost all API methods are available for use

Combine Action Data

Create multiple actions within activities. An action retrieves data or sends it to the preset connection

Start today with integration and make your project successful

We can also help you with your integration, our specialists are ready for you