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Connect to your e-mail provider, retrieve e-mails and push data to other platforms like ERP, WMS or E-commerce

Millions of emails are sent and received every day. This is often an important part of your business processes. But how can you make business processes more efficient if your most important data continues to come in via email?

EYSISOFT has a solution for this. Within our integration platform you can easily connect with your email provider. You can then easily apply conditions to the email you want to retrieve. After e-mails have been retrieved, you can easily search for fields and text in e-mails and push them to your CMS, ERP, WMS or another platform.

Automatic Sync

You can easily create schedulers for retrieving or pushing data. This can be done very easily via our online dashboard and can also be easily managed via our mobile app

Data From Different Platforms

Combine data from different platforms. This way you get the best out of every platform and your processes become more efficient

Bi-directional Sync

Our platform can build bi-directional connections. You can easily set up an activity to retrieve data or wait for data to be received

Filter on all elements

Filter e-mails on all elements like subject, from, to, or body

Find & Map fields

Find fields fields and map them to your other platform like ERP

Move to folder

You can move the e-mail to a other folder after proces

Works with any IMAP email service provider and custom e-mail systems

Our e-mail integration solution works with all popular IMAP integrations. But it also works with custom e-mail systems. As long as you have a standards compliant IMAP email server, you don’t need to have any special software or additional configuration.

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E-mail platforms with which we can integrate